What is the Summer Practice Program

The Summer Practice Program (SPP) is designed for the undergraduate students of the Department that attend their third and fourth years of studies. At the end of each academic year, the students are given the opportunity to work in the public and the private sector during the month of July (or August in some cases) and been paid by the SPP. Students find work at historic archives, research centers and foundations, museums, non-governmental organizations, etc. The aim of the Department is to offer a great number of students the opportunity to participate once during their studies in the SPP.

The Program initiated the academic year 2002-2003 and is part of the Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training (O.P. ‘Education’) II of the Third Community Support Framework for 2002-2005.


Department Coordinator: Yannis Yannitsiotis, Assistant Professor (tenured)
Vice coordinator: Eleni Gara, Assistant Professor (tenured)
Coordinating committee:
Charilaos Exertzoglou, Professor • Effie Plexoussaki, Assistant Professor (tenured) • Maria Stamatoyiannopoulou, Assistant Professor (tenured)

Effie Plexousaki was the Department Coordinator from the beginning of the Program (2002) until 2015.

Coordinator: Yannis Yannitsiotis
Tel.: +30 22510 36328, E-mail: ggian@sa.aegean.gr

Secretary: Katerina A. Apostolidou
Tel.: +30 22510 36778, E-mail: aapostolidou@aegean.gr