School: Social Sciences
Academic Unit: Social Anthropology and History
Level of studies: Undergraduate
Course code: SA-122 Semester: 5th
Course Title: Anthropology of Gender
Independent teaching activities Weekly teaching hours Credits
Lectures 3 6
Course type: Elective-Special background, general Knowledge
Prerequisite courses: None
Language of instruction and examinations: Greek
Is the course offered to erasmus students: Yes
Course website (Url):


    Learning outcomes: 
    The course aims to make the students familiar with the main anthropological approaches to gender and the use of gender as approach to the general issues of anthropology as the relation between biological and cultural and the relations of power.

    General Competences: 

    Working in an international environment, working in an interdisciplinary environment, Respect for difference and multiculturalism, Showing social, professional and ethical responsibility and sensitivity to gender issues, criticism and self-criticism, production of free, creative and inductive thinking.

    (3) SYLLABUS

    (1) Feminism(s) and anthropology/social sciences: the issue of relation between social movements and social theory/“science”. The evolution from the anthropology of women to the anthropology of gender: contemporary approaches. The issue of sexual difference: woman: nature/man: culture, Sex and gender, sexuality, reproduction, kinship. Gender and relations of power: male dominance and female resistance, masculinity and power. Gender as metaphor: gender as way of conceptualization and legitimization of social and power’s relations beyond gender. Gender, sexuality and self-reflexive anthropology. Gendered and sexual identities in anthropological research and writing.


    Delivery: Face-to face
    Use of information and communications technology : Students have access to the page of the course on Eclass
    Use of ITC in communication with students
    Teaching methods:  Activity Semester workload
    Lectures 60
    Practice in class 40
    Autonomous study and exam preparation 50
    examination 10
    Course total: 160
    Student performance evaluation: Greek. Wtitten and oral examination, public presentation.


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