School: Social Sciences
Academic Unit: Social Anthropology and History
Level of studies: Undergraduate
Course code: SA-142 Semester: 6th
Course Title: Anthropology of the Body
Independent teaching activities Weekly teaching hours Credits
Lectures 3 6
Course type: Special background, specialised general background.
Prerequisite courses: None
Language of instruction and examinations: Greek
Is the course offered to erasmus students: Yes
Course website (Url):


    Learning outcomes: The course aims to make familiar the students with the main approaches of the anthropology of the body and their application in contemporary issues such as the contemporary technoogies of the body.

    General Competences: 

    Working independently
    Working in an international environment
    Working in an interdisciplinary environment
    Production of new research ideas
    Pespect for difference and multiculturalism
    Criticism and self-criticism

    (3) SYLLABUS

    The course will examine the main approaches of the body which questioned the hegemonic hierarchical binaries mind-body, nature-culture, individual-society, body-self. More concretely, approaches such as phenomenology, the foucauldian approach of political body and the recent theories of affect will be presented. Also, different topics concerning the body such as the sexed/gendered body and transgenderism, the relation between body and machine, the disability, internet, food, the relation between body and space and generally, the contemporary technologies of the body.


    Delivery: Face-to face
    Use of information and communications technology : Use of ICT in teaching and communication with students.
    Student have access on EClass.
    Teaching methods:  Activity Semester workload
    Lectures 60
    Practice in class 30
    Autonomous study and exam preparation 50
    Examination 5
    Course total: 145
    Student performance evaluation: Greek. Written and oral examination, public presentation


    Suggested bibliography:

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