School: School of Social Sciences
Academic Unit: Department of Social Anthropology and History
Level of Studies: Undergraduate
Course Code: WS-069 Semester: 8th
Course Title: Greek History in European Perspective
Independent Teaching Activities Weekly Teaching Hours Credits
3 7,5
Course Type: specialized general knowledge
Prerequisite Courses: none
Language of Instrauction and Examinations: English
Is the course Offered to Erasmus Students: yes
Course Website (URL):


    Learning outcomes:The course objectives are to provide students with a theoretical understanding of various aspects of Greek and European history and enable them to demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret what they have learnt, orally though class presentations and in writing through essays.

    General Competences :Knowledge, understanding and critical review of

    • social and cultural developments and mentality shifts that shaped the modern world
    • uses of the past in the present
    • Greek history within its broader contexts.

    Production of free, creative and inductive thinking.

    (3) SYLLABUS

    1. Introductory lesson: Greek History – European History (Eleni Gara)
    2. Module I: Byzantium and the Medieval European World (Ioannis Smarnakis)
    3. Module II: Christian and Muslim Europe: the early modern experience (Eleni Gara)
    4. Module III: Nationalism and the Making of Modern Greece (Haris Exertzoglou)


    Delivery: face-to-face
    Use of Information and Communications Technology: use of multimedia in teaching, course support through e-class, electronic communication with students
    Teaching Methods:  Δραστηριότητα Φόρτος Εργασίας Εξαμήνου
    seminars 39
    study and analysis of bibliography 80,5
    essay writing 60
    oral presentation 8
    Course total 187,5
    Perdosmance Evaluation:
    evaluation of three essays written in English – the final grade is the average of the three sub-grades


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