School: Social Sciences
Academic Unit: Social Anthropology and History
Level of studies: Undergraduate
Course code: W/S 075 Semester: 5st
Course Title: Urban Space and technologies of the body
Independent teaching activities Weekly teaching hours Credits
Lectures 3 6
Course type: Seminar. special background, skills development.
Prerequisite courses: None
Language of instruction and examinations: Greek
Is the course offered to erasmus students: Yes
Course website (Url):


    Learning outcomes: 
    The seminar has as aim to familiarize students with the main approaches of the urban space the body and especially the interrelation of space, body and power. Also, the students will be trained to do fieldwork in these topics.

    General Competences: 

    (3) SYLLABUS

    The seminar has as main subject the two-way dialectical constitutive relation between urban space and sexual body. The main approaches to space, gender and sexuality will be presented. Emphasis will be given to the technologies of the body; by “technologies” we mean the production of the body by the relations of power i. e. the biopolitics and the contemporary technobiopower. Finally, the way in which the changes in technology and especially the computers and the mobile phones i.e. the virtual space, have an affect on our perception of the body, will be examined.


    Delivery: Face-to face
    Use of information and communications technology : Use of multimedia in teaching, course support through e-class, electronic communication with students
    Teaching methods:  Activity Semester workload
    Seminars 30
    Text presentations in class 40
    Discussion in class 30
    Autonomous study 30
    Final essay 25
    Course total: 155
    Student performance evaluation: Greek. Written work, public presentation.


    Suggested bibliography:

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