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Academic field: Social and Cultural History, 19th-20th centuries

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Haris Exertzoglou studied Economics and History in Athens and London. He received a B.A degree in Economics from Athens University and a postgraduate Diploma from the Center of Mediterranean and Arabic Studies [Panteios School of Political Sciences]. He continued his studies with the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King’s College, University of London where he supported his Ph.D Thesis on “Greek Bankers in Constantinople, 1850-1881”. He is Associate Professor of Cultural and Social History in the Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean. During the academic year 2003-2004 he held a Stanley J. Seeger Research Fellowship. He has published extensively on the history the Greek Orthodox communities of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th and early 20th century. His latest book is “The lost Homelands” beyond Nostalgia. A Socio-cultural history of the Romioi in the Ottoman Empire, 1850s – 1900s”, [in Greek] Athens/ Nefeli 2010

Current Courses

H-200 Introduction to historical studies
W/S-069 Greek history in European perspective (elective seminar taught jointly)
SHA-6 Historical approaches on nationalism (graduate course, MA in Social and Historical Anthropology)

Courses Taught

H-236 Nations and nationalisms in the Balkans (19th-20th centuries) (elective course)
W/S-042 Autobiographies (elective seminar)
W/S-059 Public history (elective seminar)
W/S-080 History and historical film (elective seminar)

Books -Monographs

Haris Exertzoglou, Greek Bankers in Constantinople. The Zarifi- Zafiropoulo banking house, 1870-1881, [in Greek] Athens 1990

Haris Exertzoglou, National Identity in Constantinople in the 19th Century. The Greek Literary Association of Constantinople 1861-1912, [in Greek] Athens 1996, (The Turkish translation, “Osmanli’da Cemiyetler ve Rum Cemaati. Dersaadet Rum Cemiyeti Edebiyesi”, published by the Turk Vakfi Yurt Yayinlari appeared in 2004),

Haris Exertzoglou,    The “lost Homelands” beyond Nostalgia. A Socio-cultural history of the Romioi in the Ottoman Empire, 1850s – 1900s”, [in Greek] Athens/ Nefeli 2010

Selected Articles- Chapters in Books

Haris Exertzoglou, “The issue of Ecclesiastical Privileges, [in Greek], Τα Ιστορικά (16) 1992, σ.65-84

Haris Exertzoglou, “Social Hierarchy, Ideology and National Identity. The “Love Each Other” Educational Society”, [in Greek] Τα Ιστορικά (22) 1995, σ. 85-118

Haris Exertzoglou, The Diffusion of National Identity in the Christian Orthodox Communities of Cilikia,  [In Greek], Δελτίο Κέντρου Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών, τ.ΙΑ’, 1995-96, σ.181-238

Haris Exertzoglou, “Space and representation. An introduction to the edition of A. Stavridis’s Εγχειριδίον Πολιτικής, Φυσικής και Εμπορικής Γεωγραφίας του Οθωμανικού Κράτους, [ first pub. 1876] [in Greek] University of the Aegean Press, Mitilini 1996 pp.  ε’-κγ.

Haris Exertzoglou, «Memory and National Identity. The Zografeios Literary Contest and the “Living Monuments”, [in Greek] in Ρ. Μπενβενίστε Θ. Παραδέλης (eds), Διαδρομές και Τόποι της Μνήμης: Ιστορικές και Ανθρωπολογικές Προσεγγίσεις, Athens, Αλεξάνδρεια, 1998, σ. 105-114.

Haris Exertzoglou, «Investments and Investment Behaviour in the Ottoman Empire: the development of a Greek-Ottoman Βourgoisie,1850-1914», in Ch. Issawi, D. Gondicas (eds), Ottoman Greeks in the Age of Nationalism: Politics, Economy and Society in the nineteenth Century, Princeton, Darwin Press 1999, σ. 89-115

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Haris Exertzoglou, “The constitution of Public Space in Constantinople in the 19th century” [in Greek], in‘Ο ‘Εξω Ελληνισμός: Κωνσταντινούπολη, Σμύρνη, 18ος-20ος αιώνας, Eταιρεία Σπουδών Μωραϊτη, Αθήνα 2000, 15-36.

Haris Exertzoglou, “Political rituals in Modern Greece. The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Greek Revolution and the reburial of Gregory V” [in Greek], in  Μνήμων (December 2002), 153-182.

Haris Exertzoglou, “The Cultural Uses of Consumption: Negotiating Class, Gender and Nation in Ottoman Urban Centers during the 19th Century”, International Journal of Middle East Studies 35(1) February 2003.

Haris Exertzoglou, “Metaphors of Change: Tradition and the East/West Discourse in the late Ottoman Empire”, in Anna Frangoudaki - Caglar Keyder (eds), Copying with Modernity: Greece and Turkey in their Encounter with Europe, 1850-1945, London, I.B Tauris, 2007, 43-59,

Haris Exertzoglou, “Reconstituting Community: Cultural Differentiation and Identity Politics in the Christian Orthodox Communities in the late Ottoman era”, in Mina Rozen (ed.), Homelands and Diasporas. Greeks, Jews and their Migration, London, I.B Tauris, 2008, 137-154

Haris Exertzoglou, “Medicine, Philanthropy and the Construction of Poverty in Istanbul in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries”, in Lorans Baruch - Vangelis Kechriotis (eds), Economy and Society on Both Shores of the Aegean, Athens, Alpha Bank Historical Archive, 2010, 249-276.

Haris Exertzoglou, “The Greek Orthodox Communities of the Ottoman Empire, 19th – early 20th centuries” [in Greek], in Α Λιάκος (ed), Το 1922 και οι πρόσφυγες.Μια νέα ματιά. Athens Νεφέλη 2011, 25-54

Haris Exertzoglou,  «The historiography of refugee memory” Η ιστοριογραφία της προσφυγικής μνήμης»,in   Α Λιάκος (επιμ), Το 1922 και οι πρόσφυγες.Μια νέα ματιά. Athens Νεφέλη 2011, 191-202