Assistant Professor (tenured)

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Academic field: Anthropology of Migration

Οffice: Binio bulding

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Pinelopi Topali has studied Mathematics (BA, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), applied urban anthropology (MA, City University of New York) and social anthropology (Ph.D., University of the Aegean). She is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean. During the period 2004-2008 she held a post-doctoral position researcher in the project “Pythagoras” (EPEAEK II) “Gender, Domestic Work and Ethic Identity: The Cross-Cultural Construction of Domestic Space in Greece” (Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean). She has published several books and articles on migration, domestic work and religion, as well as on Muslim minorities.

Current Courses

SA-123 Anthropology of Migration (compulsory course)
GCS-5 Gender and Migration (graduate course, MA in Gender, Culture, and Society)

Courses Taught

SA-100- Introduction to Social Anthropology I (compulsory course)
SA-115 Minorities and Migration: Anthropological Approaches (elective course)
SA-117 Ethnography of East and South-East Asia (elective course)
SA-119 Migration and Racism: Anthropological Approaches (elective course)
SA-124 Culture and Society in Modern Greece (elective course taught jointly)
SA-140 History of Social Anthropology (compulsory course)
SA-150 Economic Anthropology (compulsory course)
W/S-022 Migration and Migrant Populations (elective seminar)
W/S-058 Fieldwork and Participant Observation (elective seminar)
W/S-085 Borders, Frontiers and Migration (elective course taught jointly)


Silent Relations, Inter-cultural Contacts: The Case of Filipina Domestic Workers in Greece. Athens: Alexandria [in Greek]

2008  (with E. Papataxiarchis and A. Athanasopoulou) Worlds of Domestic Work: Gender, Immigration and Cultural Transformations in early 21st century Athens. Athens: Alexandria [in Greek].

Articles in collective volumes and journals

“Secrets of Motherhood: Muslim Women in Thrace, Greece and Assisted Reproduction”. In V. Kantsa Changing Relationships: Kinship and Assisted Reproduction”. Athens: Alexandreia. Pp. 209-224.

2014 “ The Convention for Domestic Workers and its Importance for Member-States of the European Union”. The Greek Review of Social Research 142Α.

“Constructions of Difference in Modern Greece: Filipina Immigrants and Alterity Suspended”. In E. Papataxiarchis (ed.) Revisiting the Political. Athens: Alexandria [in Greek]

2013 «Silent Bodies in Religion and Work: Migrant Filipinas and the Construction of Relational Power». Religions 4 (4): 621-643.

2012 “Refugees in Western Societies and Greece: Representations, Body and the Management of Suffering”. In S. Trubeta (ed.)  Refugee and Immigrant Issues: Essays on Frontiers. Athens: Papazisis [in Greek]

2012 “Institutional Management of Domestic Work and Immigration: A Comparative Study in E.U. Member States”. In C. Bellas (ed.) Social Integration of Migrant Domestic Workers and the Greek Economic Crisis. Athens: University of the Aegean [in Greek]

2012 “Transnational Practices, Forms of Integration”. In C. Bellas (ed.) Social Integration of Migrant Domestic Workers and the Greek Economic Crisis. Athens: University of the Aegean [in Greek]

2010 “Greek and Filipina Domestic Workers in Contemporary Greece: The Reproduction and Transformations of Domestic Work, Domestic Relationships and Female Identities”. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 18(2): 311-340

2010 “Filipina Immigrants. Paid Domestic Work, Gender and Representations of the ‘Other’”. In V. Vamvakas and P. Panayiotopoulos (eds.) Greece in the 1980s. Social, Political and Cultural Dictionary. Athens: Perasma. [in Greek]

2009  “Constructions of Care in Modern Greece: Gendered Relationships between Filipina Domestic Workers and Greek Employers”. Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 15 (1): 94-124.

2007 “Towards an Interpretive Approach of Paid Domestic Work”. In K. Zoras and F. Bandimaroudis (eds.) Social Sciences Today. 1st Conference of the School of Social Sciences. Mytilene. 2006. Athens-Komotini: Sakoulas. [in Greek]

2006 “Incompatible Relationships: Filipina Domestic Workers and Greek Employers in Athens”. In E. Papataxiarchis (ed.) Adventures of Alterity: The Production of Cultural Difference in Contemporary Greece. Athens: Alexandria. [in Greek]

2005 “Aspects of Filipino Religiosity in Athens” The Bodily Performance of Silence”. In M. Michailidou and A. Chalkia (eds.) The Production of Social Body. Athens: Katarti and Dini, Feminist Journal. [in Greek]

2005 “There a Hero, here a Filipina: Female Immigration and Labour in the Media Discourse”. Synchrona Themata 88: 72-83 [in Greek]


Research Projects

  1. Research in the program “(In)Fertile Citizens: On the Concepts, Practices, Politics and technologies of Assisted Reproduction in Greece. An Interdisciplinary Approach” a three yearlong research program funded by the European Social Fund and the General Secretariat of Research and Technology Greece.

  1. Research in the EU funded program 2.2./2010 of the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals which is conducted under the Priority 2: “Development of indicators and methodologies designed for the evaluation of progress, the adaptation of policies and measures as well as the facilitation of the coordination of comparative learning”. The program is titled “Research for the investigation of the profile of third country nationals legally living in Greece, working as domestic workers and a comparative study of models of institutional management in E.U. member- states” and is financed by the European Integration Fund and the Greek Government. The leading partner is the University of the Aegean (School of Social Sciences, Department of Social Anthropology and History), joined by TNS-ICAP, a public surveys company, and the Cultural House of Albanian Immigrants in Greece, a non-profit organization.

  2. 2004-2008. Post doctorate researcher in the EU funded program EPEAEK II-“Pythagoras” titled: “Gender, Domestic Work and Ethnic Identity: The Inter-cultural Construction of Domestic Space in Greece” (Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean). This research program focused on the construction of domestic space in contemporary Greece through the study of relationships of Filipina, Greek and Albanian domestic workers with Greek employers in the context of live-in and part-time domestic work. It was funded by the European Union (75%) and the Ministry of Education (25%).