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Academic field: Modern Greek History (19th-20th centuries)

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Spyros Karavas was born on the island of Chios in 1954. He studied history at the University Lumieres-Lyon 2 (France) and was awarded his Ph.D. by the same University in 1989. Since 1990, he has taught History in the Department of Social Anthropology and History at the University of the Aegean. He specializes in modern and contemporary political history. His research interests and publications concern Modern Greek history (19th and 20th centuries) and, more specifically, issues of historical demography and electoral behaviour, the geography of Greek national claims in relation to the role undertaken by the Greek national historian, Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos, as well as the Macedonian Question and its historiography.

Current Courses

H-267 Modern European History (compulsory course)
H-206 The Macedonian Question in the 20th century (elective course)
W/S-026 Historical Demography (elective seminar)
SHA-H-3 Political and Social History of Modern Greece: From the Invention of Greece to the Irredentism of the Greek State, 16th-19th centuries (graduate course, MA in Social and Historical Anthropology)

Courses Taught

H-220 Modern Greek History (compulsory course)

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