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Academic field: Ancient Greek History

Οffice: ΑΤΕ bulding

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Vasilis I. Anastasiadis studied classical philology at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. He did his post-graduate studies in classical philology (1985) and completed his PhD thesis in ancient Greek history as a Post-Graduate Scholar of the same University (1989). Since 1991 he belongs to the academic staff of the University of the Aegean. His research interest focus on social and political history of the ancient world, history of ideas and Greek epigraphy.

Current Courses

H-241 History of the Ancient world I: Political history and constitutions in ancient Greece (compulsory course)
H-243 Introduction to Roman history (elective course)
W/S-004 History of the Ancient world III: Special issues on ancient Greek historiography and the Quellenkritik (elective seminar)
SHA-1 Social and political history of the Ancient world. Politics and society in Greek polis-state: Civic unity and division (graduate course, MA in Social and Historical Anthropology)
CHC-4 Continuities and discontinuities of ideas: Language and the History of Concepts (graduate course taught jointly, MA in Crisis and Historical Change )

Courses Taught

H-242 History of the Ancient world II (elective course)
H-243 Ethnographic digressions in Herodotus (elective course)
H-244 History of the Ancient world III: Thematic introduction to the history of Greek Antiquity (elective course)
PGT-001 Tutorial in Roman history (elective tutorial)

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