yannitsiotisAssistant Professor (tenured)

Official Government Gazette, Issue: 262/21.4.11 τ.Γ
Academic field: Social History of Modern and Contemporary Greece, 19th-20th centuries

Οffice: Karantoni Building

+30 22510 36328 ggian@sa.aegean.gr

Yannis Yannitsiotis was born in 1966. He studied History at the University of Athens and he pursued post-graduate studies (DEA) at the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne I in social and economic history of Europe (19th-20th centuries). He received his PhD form the University of Athens in 2001. His doctoral thesis is entitled: The social history of Piraeus. The making of the middle class, 1866-1909. His research interests concern the social and cultural history of urban space during the 19th and 20th, gender history, history of work and cultural memory of the 20th century.

Current Courses

H-221 State and society in Greece in the 19th century (compulsory course)
H-228 The European city in the post-World War II era (elective course)
H-239 Memory and urban space since the End of World War II (compulsory course)
GCS-2 Historical approaches to gender: Manliness and masculinity in Europe (19th century – World War II) (graduate course, MA in Gender, Culture, and Society)

Courses Taught

H-227 European cities and governmentality in the 19th century (elective course)
W/S-035 Representations of Athens during the 20th century (elective seminar)
W/S-060 History of social movements (elective seminar)


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2012-2015: “Forms of Public Sociality in 20th Century Urban Greece: Associations, Networks of Social Intervention and Collective Subjectivities”, supervised by Efi Avdela (University of Crete) and funded by Thalis-EPEAEK II”.

2006-2010: “CLIOHRES (Sixth Framework Network of Excellence CLIOHRES.net-Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Research Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe)”, Thematic Work Group 4 “Work, Gender and Society”.

2002-2003: “Athens, Olympic City (1896-1914)”, supervised by Christina Koulouri (University of Thrace) and funded by International Olympic Committee.

2001-2002: The Modern City”, supervised by Christos Loukos (University of Crete) and funded by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies.