MA in Crisis and Historical Change

Courses Οffered


1st Semester

CHC-5 Ruptures in macro- and microhistory: War, Persecution, and Genocide in the European Past Hantzaroula & Plakotos
CHC-1 Theories of historical alteration: Crisis, critique and utopia Iakovou
CHC-3 Socio-economic transformation: The crisis of the 17th century and the transformation of the Ottoman world Gara

2nd Semester

CHC-4 The continuity and discontinuity of ideas: language and the history of concepts Anastasiadis & Canakis
CHC-2 Ruptures in Macro- and Microhistory: The Byzantine world after 1204 Smarnakis
Research work on a historical topic and presentation of a paper at a special academic workshop


Master’s thesis