MA in Social and Historical Anthropology

Courses Οffered


1st Semester

SHA-1 Social and Political History of the Ancient World. Politics and Society in the Greek Polis Anastasiadis
SHA-2 Theory and History of Contemporary Anthropological Thought Papataxiarchis
SHA-3 Anthropology of Religion, Ritual, and Symbolic Systems Paradellis

2nd Semester

SHA-4 Issues of Economic and Political Anthropology Galani-Moutafi
SHA-5 The Family in European Historiography Stamatoyiannopoulou
SHA-6 Nationalism and the nation state in historical perspective Exertzoglou

3rd Semester (Major: Social Anthropology)

SHA-Α-1 Ethnography of Greece and Southern Europe Panopoulos
SHA-Α-2 Anthropology of Kinship and Gender Kantsa
N.B. The third course is elected from the Major in History.

3rd Semester (Major: History)

SHA-H-1 Historical Anthropology: Historiographical Approaches and the Poetics of Historical Knowledge Hantzaroula
SHA-H-3 Political and Social History of Modern Greece: From the invention of Greece to the irredentism of the Greek State Karavas
N.B. The third course is elected from the Major in Anthropology.

4th Semester

Master’s thesis