The Department of Social Anthropology and History offers a well-rounded general education connected to a wide range of career choices. The professional rights of its graduates are defined by a Decree of the Department of Education according to law 228/6.11.1995. According to this decree, graduates of the Department can hold posts in research institutions and secondary education, museums, in the areas of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Psychology as well as in Urban Planning and Policy. Moreover, they can be employed at the level of local government and public organizations and services; they can also find employment in the sectors of advertising, surveying, and market research as well as in the sectors of conventional and electronic media. For all these areas, vocational training is offered at ones work environment in the form of additional specialization supplementing the broader cross-cultural background of the degree holder. Nevertheless, the high standard of studies enables our graduates to pursue Postgraduate Studies either in Greece or abroad. To this effect, students who graduate from the Department may enhance their academic profile by obtaining a Master’s (MA), or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. In this case, the possibilities of employment in the fields of research and education increase significantly.

For more information on matters of continuing educations students may contact the Career Service Office of the University of the Aegean.

Student Experiences